Nathan Issac

Nathan is a remarkable human with an exceptional mind. Meeting Nathan when I was living in Australia he was one of the first humans to help me realize my true potential. He creates amazing art via mixed media, graphic design, photography, videography and more. I can't help but fascinated with his work and how his mind works. Not to mention my first ever sold piece of art was to Nathan making us forever entangled.
From Nathan's Website:
" Nathan Isaac is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Gold Coast. He graduated Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Digital Media in 2020. Nathan’s practice involves experimenting with processes surrounding photography, sound production, 3D modelling and still and moving image. He has exhibited in a group show at Queensland State Archives and has had two solo exhibitions at White Box Gallery.
Nathan seeks to extract the emotive potential out of the mundanities of everyday life, in order to “free objective reality from itself”. His experimental digital process takes interest in colour theory and influence from the works of early Symbolists and Expressionists. In his personal time, Nathan does commission work and is involved in the Gold Coast music scene doing photography, video and design work for local bands such as Geetee, Landlords, Tesla Coils and Vanilla Drip." 

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