Justine McGrath - Glass Talismans

When I was much younger and didn't see the beauty in myself I met Justine. Justine made me realize what being myself could look like and showed me genuine and pure energy that emanated from her body like the sun lived inside of her. The mindset I was burdened with before began to crumble in front of my eyes with the more time I spent around Justine. She has been a huge impact in what I have became. From her simple devotion to nature and love for the little things I resonate with her deeply and can't help but feel close to Justine and like both of our journeys have just begun. Justine makes extremely unique stained glass art, her practice is a beautiful puzzle piece in the whole picture of her life. The energy she puts out into the world is Incomparable And something very rare that you grasp and hold tight and never let go.
"My interest in stained glass has been cultivated throughout my life. I feel it began gazing up at ornate stained glass windows in church as a child, captivated more by the glowing pieces and their stories. I am family taught in stained glass by my mother and younger brother, who I learned from in 2015.  I learned the art form during a difficult period in my life where a lot of growth and healing was necessary. Stained glass was challenging, took immense focus, and most importantly brought me closer to my family. The hours spent in that studio with my mother working on projects are some I would never trade. I have been fortunate in life to be brought up in a family of creatives and craftsmen, each with unique skill sets that have influenced me throughout my life. I am also grateful for the ability and practice in transmuting hard emotions into symbolic works, and the ability and to use my hands and mind to create. "

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