Jaden Phoenix Vis

Jaden is an absolute joy to the world. An author, teacher, fighter, believer and ambitious women who I am so beyond grateful to have found (thanks universe). She has inspired me to be a better person and given me insight on such a beautiful healing process she has endured. I will forever support her and others who give me the love she does. Finding people who are genuine, selfless, so true to themselves that they can't help it are few are far between. I feel blessed to have you Jaden and blessed to be able to share your creations as they have truly changed my life. 
From Jaden's Website: 
" I’m a twenty year old woman with big dreams and even stronger passions. i’m currently in university, studying both social work and english. i’ve always had the absurd fantasy of becoming both an author while starting my own private practice in the human service (social work) field. well, i say fantasy, but here i am trying to make those things happen.
i grew up in a broken home riddled with pain and addiction, and i have been labelled with a myriad of mental illnesses. you’ll hear me talk about this often as its something that informs all of my works. but in sum, i’m extremely ardent about the reality of the healing and recovery process, and i’m sure as heck a believer in the power of self-healing.
join me on this journey of self-actualization where i will guide you in reclaiming your magic. i promise to foster a creative community where each and every one of you is both seen and heard.
you are so loved. i love you all ever so dearly."

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