Anna Green

Anna's artwork has spoke to me for as long as I can remember downloading the app Instagram. I'm not sure when or how I found her but have been in love with her art and found comfort in her postings. Only recently when she posted a photo of her daughters I realized that we are actually connected. Her daughter Is a successful entrepreneur here in the town I live in and has been a huge inspiration to me. Showing me that turning your passions into a career is not only possible but for people like us the only option. The world is very small and it's interesting who is connected - I feel extremely lucky to have both of these women in my life and feel as if it's a gift sent from the universe to show me that my hard work will pay off. 


This Is Me...

I was exposed to the world of visual art at a young age, in my birthplace, Melbourne, Australia. My mother painted in oils and sculpted, and she often encouraged me to paint along with her. I studied at Ontario College of Art, where my focus was fine art. I had intended to carry on in my education to become a medical illustrator (as I also had an interest in health care), however, I got sidetracked and moved to the Bahamas. There, I married and had two little girls. During my six years on the island, I painted in watercolour and sold my work through local tourist galleries. I eventually returned to Canada with my daughters and went back to school to study Occupational Therapy. Throughout my education and subsequent employment in the field of healthcare, I continued to paint, mostly for my own pleasure and sanity.
In the last 20 years, I have been fortunate to have the time to delve more deeply into my art career. I believe that my diverse life experiences (relationships, travel, career changes, and personal interests) have inspired my paintings. My style is considered "whimsical" ....a reflection of my thoughts and dreams and hopes for a happier world. My becoming a yoga teacher, over twelve years ago, marked the biggest shift in my work.
While I still love the challenge of portrait work, my animated version of the female image has become my trademark. My "feminine spirits" have evolved from fairies to yogis to women with confidence (the girlfriend's series)..all symbolizing the inner strength and grace of the female. My paintings often evoke a smile or a chuckle, as the viewer can often see elements of themselves in each.

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