About she

Hello!! Hunter here, the founder of HuntingFear. The philosophy of the brand revolves around the fact that fear runs so many of our lives. Whether it be fear of what others will think, fear of how you might feel, or fear of how your family might react when you decide that you wanna be an artist not an accountant. Regardless fear is a prominent thing in all of our lives that stops us from doing the things we deep down know would help us grow and find our ultimate truth. Fear can be manifested in complacency or low self-worth but what I have realized in my short time here on earth is that if you rein in on your fear and instead of running from it and face it head on you can achieve goals that you once thought we're out of reach. I'm beginning this brand to help enlighten others and bring them products and mindsets that will conquer fear no matter what it tries to throw at you. You run your life, no-one else, nothing else. It's YOU. It's ALWAYS been you!
Here's the story of me: 
22 years of ups and downs, not knowing how to achieve what my heart has set out in stone. I remember feeling lost and opening up a self help book called "You are a badass" by Jen Sincero. I had been sitting on this book for a while thinking to myself "I'm not that far gone am I? I don't need a self help book" until one day the book opened itself to me.
A lot of my life is lead by intuition. Before I realized which voice in my head was my intuition I always thought it was just another silly randomized thought pattern. I noticed that if I listened and followed, results came and the changes I had been needing in my life began to feel much less out of reach. I realized my intuition had a purpose, a goal and although I’m not completely sure of what it is I know I must see it through.
 Ever since 2018 and Jen Sincero my life has taken a wonderful shift into the life of a servant. I believe my purpose here on this earth as the conscious Hunter-Rachael Fearon is to help others and be of service. I figured that out and have been on a journey of manifestation, meditation and self reflection to feel more aligned whilst mindfully trekking through life making sure I am always putting myself first, for the simple reason that if I am not centred I can not centre others. I pushed myself creatively and have compiled many personal writings and art pieces and soon realized it wouldn't be enough for the service I have in mind. I am in the process of building an investment to follow my dreams and create my own product. In this process I decided I would open a website and store to sell others products I resonate with to continue my reality of giving and receiving in perfect harmony. Gifts for others are nice, yet gifts for ourselves are the most important.
I am sending all of my love, my light, and my energy right now to you.

I am always here for you to private message through Instagram where I am most active: @Huntingfear never hesitate to reach out to me for life advice or just a shoulder to cry on. I care for you. Human's in the western society tend to think that they are a "burden" or it's "too much" to put onto somebody else. I believe a problem shared is a problem halved. I am here for you. 
Hunter-Rachael Fearon